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Playoff Series Prediction Pool


Before each series begins you make a bet on which team will win and in how many games. Whomever finishes with the most points at the end of the playoffs is the winner of a a great deal of pride!

The rules:

  • Before each series begins, you may choose who will win that series, in how many games, and how many points you wish to wager on that decision. A minimum of 10% of your current points must be wagered on each series. You win double the points wagered if you get the winning team correct, along with a 50% bonus if you also get the # of games correct.

  • Each series may be bet on or bets may be modified from the time of series posting up until the first game of that series begins.

  • At the beginning of the playoffs, you may also bet on who will win each conference and who will win the stanley cup. If these decisions are made correctly, a bonus of 500 points will be added for each correct conference winner and 1000 points for the stanley cup winner.

  • For forgotten wagers (if you do not place a bet before the series begins), you will forfeit 10% of your points.


Please fill out the following information to join the playoff pool. Your name and location will be displayed on the tracking site for the enjoyment of other players. Your email address is optional and will be used by me to inform players when series data is ready and wagers can be entered. Your login & password are necessary to place wagers under your account but you will not need to login to access the tracking site.

First Name
Last Initial
2 Character Location Code (State / Province Code).
Email Address (optional but recommended so I can let you know when you can place wagers for subsequent rounds, and invite you back next year!)

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Previous Results:

2003    2004    2006    2007
Joe G [NH]5764
Joe Sr G [NY]3852
Bert C [NY]599
Dennis C [NH]533
Clyde W [ME]400
Ralph B [NY]363
Thrus J [ON]320
Tommy B [VA]137
Jennifer G [NH]113
Jacob G [NH]3
Kevin C [NH]0
Robert B [NY]0
Alex B [ON]0
Eric W [NH]4400
Jennifer G [NH]3213
Joe G [NH]2000
Jacob G [NH]1276
Bert C [NY]1017
Alex B [ON]748
Dan S [MB]575
Ted B [NH]500
John I [NY]500
Ralph B [US]500
Paul B [NY]462
Ginny C [NJ]380
Ralph B [NY]350
Dave H [ON]250
Brett T [NH]154
Ryan S [ON]100
Robert B [NY]0
Nitz D [ON]0
Doug K [ON]0
Joe Sr G [NY]0
Tom E [NH]0
Joe L [NH]501
David H [ON]0
Joe G [NY]0
Douglas K [ON]0
Alex B [ON]0
Matthew D [ON]13400
Joe G [NH]9936
Douglas K [On]3303
kevin m [nh]1249
Dave H [ON]1125
Antonin M [ON]1059
Bert C [NY]950
Brendan F [NH]837
Frank V [NY]825
mike Z [NH]650
Keith M [ON]525
Eric W [NH]500
joesr G [NY]287
Robert C [AZ]200
Jennifer G [NH]18
Alex B [ON]0
King Rob . [AZ]0
2008    2009    2010    2011
Jennifer G [NH]5625
Renato P [ON]3175
R C [AZ]2813
Kevin B [AB]2443
Robert C [AZ]2375
Jasvir T [AB]1250
Not Joe G from NH ! [HN]1000
Martin L [AB]925
joesr g [ny]750
david s [NH]600
Simon G [QC]500
Tommy V [QC]500
Frank V [NY]500
mike z [NH]425
Jag B [AB]400
Lorenzo V [on]400
Braidon S [AB]1
Jay H [ON]0
Kevin M [NH]0
Matthew D [ON]0
Joe G [NH]0
Alex B [ON]0
Eric W [NH]0
David H [ON]0
Ellis G [PA]6480
Joe G [NY]5020
He Man [AZ]3260
Dave H [ON]3155
Frank C [NH]2848
Joe G [NH]2700
Renato P [CH]1900
Mike Z [NH]1600
Alex B [ON]1356
Anne Marie P [PA]1335
Ors M [PA]763
Tommy B [VA]687
Bert C [NY]500
Eric W [NH]200
Braidon S [AB]164
Sauce H [ON]0
Drew C [ON]0
Peter S [PA]0
R C [AZ]0
Joe L. G [NH]3813
Jay H [ON]3626
Braidon S [AB]2750
Kevin B [AB]1500
Mike Z [NH]925
Kevin M [NH]875
Alex B [GB]750
Bert C [NY]2
R C [AZ]0
Ellis G [PA]0
Martin L [AB]0
Renato P [CH]0
Tommy B [VA]0
Joe G [NY]0
Frank C [NH]0
Frank C [NH]7800
David H [ON]7287
Cam C [NH]4400
jill z [nh]2024
Martin L [AB]1800
mike z [nh]1563
Shawn w [NH]1417
Matthew K [NH]1175
Robert C [AZ]1162
Renato P [CH]900
David S [NH]700
Kevin B [AB]500
Alex B [UK]396
Braidon S [AB]0
Ellis G [PA]0
Joe G [NY]0
Bert C [NY]0
Joe L. G [NH]0
JMan ! [ON]0
Tommy B [VA]0
Jules P [NH]0
2012    2013    2014    2015
Braidon S [AB]1218
Joe G [NH]1067
Frank C [NH]1034
Renato P [CH]532
joesr G [NY]437
Jay H [ON]380
Jules P [NH]324
Tyler M [NH]296
mike z [nh]264
jill z [nh]257
Barry S [on]239
michael f [NY]239
Bert C [NY]230
Justin L [NJ]219
Anthony T [BC]192
Dave H [ON]146
Mike M [Ab]146
Marlee B [PA]146
Tommy B [VA]77
Ellis G [PA]62
Nico C [NH]40
Tyler E [nh]32
Eric W [NH]16
Alex B [FR]0
Barry D [BC]0
Steve P [NH]0
Cam C [NH]0
Jamie S [NH]6600
Gord K [AB]4750
joesr G [NY]3520
Bert C [NY]3446
Jacob G [NH]3140
Renato P [83]2750
Rob B [AZ]2354
Joe G [NH]1975
Tommy B [VA]1960
Alex B [FR]1937
Jen G [NH]1658
jules p [VA]1414
Jason R [NH]1307
Ellis G [PA]1046
Kevin M [NH]1033
cam c [nh]1000
nico c [nh]1000
Paul B [NY]749
Braidon S [AB]6
Barry D [BC]0
Jay H [ON]0
Eric W [NH]0
Tyler E [NC]0
frank c [nh]0
Dave H [ON]0
Brent J [NV]0
David H [ON]4500
Alex B [FR]4337
Matthew C [NH]1080
Joseph D [TO]1045
Mathew T [NH]838
Robert S [Il]810
Kevin M [Nh]774
Renato p [CH]626
Marco D [ON]256
Alex S [NH]252
Steve W [NH]239
Jay H [ON]121
Eric W [NH]113
Ellis G [PA]91
Laura C [NY]50
Joe G [NH]10
Rob B [az]2
Braidon S [AB]0
Bert C [NY]0
joesr G [NY]0
Cam C [NH]0
Nico C [NH]0
Frank C [NH]0
jamie S [nh]0
Joe G [NH]6263
Nico C [NH]5274
Jamie S [NH]4250
Alex B [ON]4070
Bert C [NY]3874
Joe G [NY]3600
Laura C [NY]2500
Eric W [NH]1530
Alan T [NH]774
David H [ON]770
Cathal W [BC]405
Chris S [NH]393
Logan C [NH]377
Rob B [AZ]358
mike c [on]299
Joseph D [NY]283
Logan B [K1]180
Braidon S [AB]143
Marco D [ON]128
J H [ON]1
kevin m [nh]0
Mike Z [NH]0
Alex E [NH]0
jill z [Nh]0
Cam C [NH]0
Frank C [NH]0
2016    2017    2018    2019
Robert B [AZ]5791
Frank C [IN]4414
Joseph D [ON]3800
Eric S [IN]3250
Logan B [NH]2130
Cam C [IN]2106
Eric W [UT]2000
Bert C [NY]1787
Laura C [NY]1787
David H [ON]1733
Tyler E [PA]887
Mike Z [NH]575
Peter S [PA]468
Ryan P [WV]311
Jack M [IN]299
Alan T [NH]252
John D [ON]167
Bryant G [IN]114
Matthew C [IN]99
Bryce T [nh]50
Alex B [ON]20
Joe L G [NH]3
Daniel P [NH]1
Jamie S [NH]0
Joe G [NY]0
Nico C [IN]0
jill z [Nh]0
Ryan T [NH]0
Jay T [NH]0
Kevin M [NH]0
Steve P [NH]0
Rob D [PA]0
Braidon S [AB]0
Hunter T [MI]0
Greg C [NH]2935
Joe D [NH]2750
Joshua O [AB]2700
Nico C [MA]2396
Tyler E [PA]2092
Jill Z [NH]1425
Braidon S [AB]1394
Donald C [MA]1300
Matthew C [MA]1160
Marco D [ON]851
jaye V [NH]810
Tyler M [NH]810
Robert B [AZ]750
Steve P [NH]540
Logan B [NH]491
Frank C [MA]480
Ryan E [Ma]437
Patrick B [MA]401
Laura C [NY]386
Dave H [ON]383
Bryce T [NH]365
Julie F [ON]365
Bob S [IL]360
Daniel P [NH]313
Jamie S [NH]273
Eric W [UT]225
Steve P [IN]193
Eric S [IN]185
Ralph B [Ny]183
Jay T [NH]180
Joe G [NH]11
Alex B [ON]10
Bert C [NY]1
Mike Z [NH]0
Paul B [Ny]0
Christina Z [UT]0
Kevin M [NH]0
Cam C [MA]0
Joe G [Ny]0
Kerry M [NH]0
Ryan T [NH]0
Greg C [NH]3150
Bob S [IL]1820
Christina Z [UT]1193
Frank C [MA]1000
Logan B [ON]940
J R [NH]789
Marco D [ON]502
Braidon S [AB]358
Ralph B [NY]322
RANDOM B [--]113
Joe G [NH]94
Jeff K [Wi]45
Tyler E [PA]38
Jaye V [NH]37
Alex B [ON]18
Kevin M [NH]0
Rob B [AZ]0
Dave H [ON]0
Joe G [NY]0
Rick F [LU]0
Nico C [MA]0
Ava Z [NH]0
Mike Z [NH]0
Jill Z [NH]0
Steve P [Nh]0
Bert C [NY]0
Laura C [NY]0
Joshua O [AB]0
Matthew C [MA]0
Rich D [Ma]0
Eric W [UT]0
Cam C [MA]-51
Tyler M [NH]3474
JoeSrBot - [--]3003
Greg C [NH]1507
Ryan T [NH]545
Craig P [OH]500
Joe G [NH]400
Bert C [NY]400
Cameron I [MA]346
Dave H [ON]250
Charlie K [Ma]239
Russell T [UT]192
AVA Z [NH]187
Brycie T [NH]157
Robert B [Az]157
Jaye V [NH]138
Jay T [NH]131
Curt P [Oh]109
Jeff K [Wi]103
Sharka F [UT]103
Gavin M [NH]103
Bryce T [NH]103
Tommy B [VA]95
J R [NH]92
Kevin M [NH]90
Mike S [NH]48
DJ S [CO]48
Laura C [NY]37
RANDOM B [--]21
Nico C [MA]2
Braidon S [AB]1
Alex B [ON]0
Mike Z [NH]0
Christina Z [UT]0
Eric W [UT]0
Joshua O [AB]0
Daniel P [NH]0
Frank C [MA]0
Cam C [MA]0
Jill Z [NH]0
Matt C [MA]0
Jakub J [IL]0
2020    2021    2022   
JoeSrBOT - [--]7413
Jakub J [IL]4125
Jill Z [NH]2875
Dave H [ON]2800
Laura C [NY]2345
Tommy B [VA]1821
Greg C [NH]862
ava z [nh]849
RandomBOT - [--]274
Jaye V [NH]264
Dan F [NH]239
Alex B [ON]61
Bert C [NY]25
Joe G [NH]1
Mike Z [NH]0
stephane m [qc]0
Cam C [MA]0
Frank C [MA]0
Ava Z [NH]4500
RandomBOT - [--]2574
Tyler M [NH]1317
Dave H [ON]1250
Bert C [NY]1000
Kaylee M [NH]1000
Tommy B [VA]950
Mike Z [NH]800
Alex B [ON]575
Jill Z [nh]563
Jonathan K [MA]412
Dan F [NH]398
Jane C [NH]337
J V [NH]299
Adam P [NH]242
Red C [NH]219
Rob B [Az]7
Frank C [MA]6
Kevin M [NH]1
Joe G [NH]1
JoeSrBOT - [--]0
Jakub J [IL]0
Laura C [NY]0
stephane M [Fl]0
Cam C [MA]0
Paul B [AZ]0
Nico C [MA]0
JoeSrBOT - [--]6480
J R [NH]5935
Jeff P [NH]4666
Cam C [MA]3600
RandomBOT - [--]2250
Tommy B [VA]2250
J V [NH]2233
Luke W [MA]2192
Adam P [NH]1897
Jakub J [IL]1890
Angus M [Wy]1833
Paul B [AZ]1080
Joe G [NH]1002
Jonathan K [MA]816
Ralph B [NY]546
Matt C [MA]381
Mike C [ON]358
Nico C [MA]315
Dan F [NH]239
Alex B [ON]99
Frank C [MA]10
Rob B [AZ]3
Dave H [ON]0
Bert C [NY]0
Laura C [NY]0
Mike Z [NH]0
Jill Z [NH]0
Ava Z [NH]0
Greg C [NH]0
Angus F [MA]0